The Rochester Mob Wars

Arson-For-Hire is available in E-book form only on Amazon. 

Arson-For Hire

The Testimony of Angelo Monachino

Rochester Mafia Informant

    "Arson For Hire The Testimony of Angelo Monachino Rochester Mafia Informant" is a 70 page book consisting of the testimony of Angelo Monachino, a "made"  Soldier in the Rochester Mafia until 1975, when he turned informant, shortly after his arrest for murder. Angelo Monachino was granted immunity from prosecution on at least two murders and several arsons in exchange for his testimony before the United States Senate Permanent Subcommittee  On Investigations.

       The Book is Angelo's testimony before the United States Senate on September 13, 1978. He testified mostly about the crimes of arson committed by the Rochester Mafia. His testimony led to the immediate arrest of many soldiers and most of the bosses of the Rochester Mob at the time. Those arrests created a power vacuum within the "Organization" which led to The Rochester Mob Wars, a story chronicled in the book by that name, which is due to be released soon.