Johnny Mars, Soldier? L.A. Hit Man? Amnesia Victim Trapped in a Nightmare? A man involved in the strangest of occurences...Opium Lords, Rebel Insurgents, River Pirates and the C.I.A.

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The Rochester Mob Wars

          From the Archives of Frank A. Aloi                                     author of                                     "The Hammer Conspiracies"

                                                                   "The Gangster Chronicles"                                   by Frank A. Aloi                                     Blair T. Kenny

"The Gangster Chronicles" is a 600 page in depth look at the History of the Italian Mafia  complete with 100 pages of footnotes. Rochester Attorney Frank A. Aloi  shares his vast knowledge of the inner workings of the Mafia through 40 years of research and personal interactions with notable mobsters whether by representation or social interaction.  Part 1 and Part 2 are now available Part 3 Coming Soon!