Part Four

    'THE GANGSTER             CHRONICLES'                                   

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Part One features Lucky Luciano, Bugsy Seigel, Stephano Magaddino, Albert Anastasia, John Dillinger and more.

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Part Two features Jimmy Hoffa and the Kennedy's, Crazy Joe Gallo, Joe Valachi, Jack Ruby and more.

Johnny Fixx went to war in the nightmare of Vietnam. Joey Dancer became his blood brother for life after both survived fire fights and atrocities in the jungle. It would be law school and private practice in Southern California for Fixx. He had high ideals Stateside, fighting for veterans literally destroyed by Agent Orange!. Dancer too returned to the Southlands, but his ambitions took him to the wrong side of the tracks as he became the number one "boy" for Tony Persia, the mob boss of LA. Fixx became a top gun defense lawyer, and Dancer persuaded him to take on Tony Persia as a client. Fixx fell in love with socialite Samantha Forbes, and married her. the money poured in, and they loved life in the fast lane. Known in legal cities as "Fixer", he became the go-to guy who could extricate mobsters from impossible predicaments. For years, Fixx managed to walk the red line that separated ethical lawyers from those who sold out and inevitably paid the price for their duplicity. Fixx was matchless in court, skillfully beating every wrap the law hung on Tony Persia. Living on the edge was too much for Samantha. She knew her husband kept bad company, that someday might be his undoing. Their marriage fell apart. Finally Tony Persia found himself in a jam that defied even Fixx's skills. Too many easy pay days with the mob boss left Fixx no alternative but to do the unthinkable, and dance to whatever tune on the wild side would beat the legal dragnet that threatened to finally take down Tony Persia. s the law closed in Fixx wavered. Joey Dancer, ever loyal to Tony Persia. As the law closed in, Fixx wavered. Joey Dancer, ever loyal to Tony Persia, kidnapped Samantha to compel Fixx to do whatever was necessary to save the mob boss. Is Fixx finally in free fall with no way to beat the price. Or can he game the system with one last throw of the dice to beat the odds, and save the love of his life.

'The Big Fall'

Part Three

Part Two

Part Four features John Gotti, Fat Tony Salerno, The RICO Indictments, the Drug Cartels and more.

Gangster Chronicle books are $15 each plus $5 shipping.

Part Three features John Gotti, Joe Bonanno, Stephano Magaddino, Paul Castellano and more. 

Part One

                      Frank A. Aloi                                                  author of                             "The Hammer Conspiracies" Presents

"The Gangster Chronicles" is a four-part series chronicling the history of the Italian Mafia in America. The series was written by Rochester Attorney Frank A. Aloi, author of "The Hammer Conspiracies" who shares his vast knowledge of the inner workings of the Mafia through 40 years of research and personal interactions with notable mobsters, whether by representation or social interaction. 

The Rochester Mob Wars