​​​SATAN'S KINGDOM - Does Satan have a kingdom? When did it occur? and where in the Bible is it? 

ANGELS - Are there good angels and bad angels? Who are "The sons of God"?

THE GENESIS GAP - What exactly is the Genesis Gap?  

THE FLOOD-Why did God flood the earth?

THE GIANTS -Who were the giants? Where did they come from? What happened to them?

THE CONQUEST OF CANAAN - Why did God order the extermination of several races of "people" including women, children and animals?

All of these questions and more are answered in: 

Satan, his Angels and the Giants.

       The book is 169 pages and contains hundreds of Biblical references, various maps of Canaan (Israel) and other charts and graphs that are guaranteed to give the reader a new perspective of their King James Bible.

$15 S&H

        Drawing of Theutobochus Rex          by Sam Villareale

The Rochester Mob Wars