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                                Arson-For-Hire                              The Testimony of Angelo Monachino, Rochester Mafia Informant

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Hi, I am reading your book now. Fascinating stuff .. what I was wondering is, where can I find a list of mob hangouts, where these guys met up etc. (restaurants, bars etc.) I'm interested in all the places they met, but in particular, ones that still exist today.                                                                                                                                    Thank you for any info ... Great book!!

July 17, 2018

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          "The Rochester Mob Wars"...is a true story about the rise and fall of the Rochester Mafia. The Rochester Mafia Crime Family, in its heyday boasted over 45 "made" members, before internal strife and power struggles led to its demise by self destruction.

          The book "The Rochester Mob Wars" covers the rise of the Rochester Mafia in the late 1950's and early 1960's through the fall of the mob in the late 1990's when the "organization" had been decimated by internal strife including the mob controlled Teamsters Local #398 which was disbanded by the government in 1997 for "lifetime affiliation with the Mafia." (208 pages.)

        Life on The Edge          The Life and Times of     Benny Morganti

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“Life on the Edge” is the riveting true life story of Benny Morganti, told in the first person, as he shares his experiences with local mobsters, spurious indictments, prison, and much more, including an expose on some  current,  modern day, offshore betting scams. With the recent advent of legalized gambling this book is a must read.           (82 pages)

Available in E-Pub and Mobi form only.


Rochester Public Library                                           115 South Ave.                                                           Rochester, NY 14604

"Life on The Edge" is Temporarily out of Print. There are still limited copies available on  Amazon.

Hey Blair,
Great Book!!!!! Both of your books are awesome!!!!!!
Will Benny Morganti be coming back in town anytime soon?
Would love to stop over to Fatso's and purchase another book and get it autographed by him for the Holidays if possible.
Thanks so much for all you do!!

December 10, 2018

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"Life on The Edge in E-book format Coming Soon"
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The Rochester Mob Wars

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Winton Road Public Library 611 Winton Rd N,                   Rochester, NY 14609

The Rochester Mob Wars book 

Angelo Monachino's 1978 testimony before The Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Governmental Affairs United States Senate. Monachino's testimony exposed the Rochester Mafia's arson-for-hire schemes and the participants in the "Jimmy the Hammer" Massaro murder. (72 pages)

Ogden Farmers' Library                                            269 Ogden Center Rd,                                              Spencerport, NY 14559

Fatso's XL  

2351 Buffalo Road

Gates, NY 14624

Very interesting book. Lived in Greece for over 50 years. Followed this story for several years but never new how far reaching and complicated it was. I sat on a jury around 1972 for the trial of Frank Valenti for contempt of the Grand Jury. Trial lasted 2 days. His lawyer called no witnesses. Prosecution called two witnesses. Foreman of Grand Jury and Recorder of Grand Jury proceedings. On May 25, 1978 I was an EMT with Greece Vol. Amb. We got a call for illness on Straub Rd. While I was there a call went out of our base for a second crew. Injury on Kuhn Rd. All women crew took the call. Later they told us how peculiar call was. Victim had a gunshot wound to arm. Gave little information. Said he was cleaning weapon at home and weapon discharged. Police were summoned by crew and the rest is history in your book. Ambulance crew remembered that call for ever.


November 26, 2018

Charlotte Branch Library  3557 Lake Ave. Rochester, NY 14612

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